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Coffin Maker

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  1. Storyline Based in a small village in Goa, "The Coffin Maker" is about Anton Gomes who comes from a family of accomplished carpenters and takes up coffin making when difficult circumstances render him jobless and penniless. Cynical and disillusioned Anton exists. Till one day Death challenges his life/10(33).
  2. The design coffins of the Ga have long been celebrated in the Western art world as the invention of a single, autonomous artist, the coffin maker Kane Kwei () of Teshie. But as Regula Tschumi shows with her recent research this assumption was false.
  3. May 15,  · Alberto is the town coffin maker, having taken this role after a plague claimed his entire family and decimated the town of Allora, famous for its seaside location and flying fish. When a small boy named Tito, along with his pet bird Fia, sneaks into Alberto's home to steal food, the old man welcomes him and the two form a bond/5(27).
  4. PIONEER PINE COFFIN The PIONEER is masterfully designed and expertly crafted with flat, recessed panels and six pull-out through grip handles. The lids are in two pieces (1/4 head/shoulder lid and 3/4 body lid) that are held in place by a groove that runs along each side. The lids slide off each end and are affixed in place with 2 wooden lid pins.
  5. The Coffin-Maker by Alexsander Pushkin. The Coffin-Maker was excerpted from the edition of his work entitled, The Prose Tales of Alexander Poushkin, translated from the Russian by T. Keane.. The last of the effects of the coffin-maker, Adrian Prokhoroff, were placed upon the hearse, and a couple of sorry-looking jades dragged themselves along for the fourth time from Basmannaia to 10/
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